Recycled Bikes on College Campuses Make the Most of Abandoned Bikes

It’s an issue that plagues college campuses nearly every year.  Students leave to go back home after the semester’s end, but don’t bring their bikes!  What’s left behind is an eyesore, or what becomes scrap metal that goes straight to the landfill.  Some campuses across the country have recognized this trend and responded with a program […]

US Transportation Secretary “Mayor’s Challenge for Safer Streets” Stresses Importance of Bicycle Safety Along with a “Complete Streets” Philosophy of Infrastructure

Illustration by Andy Kowalczyk Although it has been cited by the US Transportation Department that overall highway fatalities have been on a steady decline, an inverse trend seems to be plaguing many cities where we ride bicycles or walk.   According to a study in 2013 by the CDC in the U.S., over 900 bicyclists […]

Bicycle Theft Means Less Bicyclists

According to a recent article in The Californian entitled “Bicycle theft reduces bicycle use”, half of cyclists in the Monterey County City of Salinas have had a bicycle stolen, and 20 percent have been robbed 3 or more times.  With numbers like these, it’s no wonder why bicyclists might think twice before setting out on a ride.  In […]

Outdoor Skateboard Parking

Outdoor skateboard parking its making its way across the country. In fact, Arizona State University recently aligned its on-campus skateboard parking policy to restrict boards from entering buildings. This policy was initiated to ensure boards did not create safety hazards inside classrooms. Skateboard parking has been an issue for a number years without a viable […]

Bike Share Boom or Bust?

Recently, one of the world’s biggest bike share providers went belly up. Bixi Bike share of Montreal left a number of cities in a bit of a panic and on the hook for close to 50M in bad debt. This is not the first time it had to be bailed out either, in fact, Bixi was in […]

The Bike Boom – A New Reality

Wearing a black Jil Sander skirt matched with an elegant Velvet T-shirt, Lucy Wallace Eustice is pedaling her bike to work on a day as clear as Baccarat crystal. Her four-mile journey takes her along a bicycle path, one of the nation’s busiest, that parallels the Hudson River on one side and the Manhattan skyline […]

Classification Of Bicycle Parking Facilities: Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 Bicycle Parking Ordinance Terms

Classification Of Bicycle Parking Facilities Long Term Parking (a.k.a. Class I) – Bicycle parking facility intended for long-term parking and protected against theft of the entire bicycle and its components and accessories. Three common ways of providing Class I bicycle parking are: fully enclosed lockers accessible only by the user; a continuously monitored facility that […]